Other reviews on Kosciuszko National Park

almost 2 years ago

The NSW Government is also examining other aspects of the management of Kosciuszko National Park, including a review of the environmental carrying capacity of all alpine resorts and how entry into the park is managed.

Environmental carrying capacity

A separate review is also underway to examine how the environmental carrying capacity in all the alpine resorts can best be managed. Currently this is set by limits on overnight accommodation, through the use of bed numbers in each resort.

The environmental capacity review is looking at whether a framework based on environmental performance, rather than just bed numbers, is possible.

If a new approach to carrying capacity is developed, it would apply to all resorts irrespective of the leasing or service delivery arrangements.

While the work on carrying capacity will inform and be considered during the Perisher Range and Charlotte Pass resorts review, it is not expected to have a significant bearing on the future management model for the Resorts.